The JOURNEY internship is an opportunity in Split, Croatia  for you to know God more deeply, grow inside of an international community, and use your gifts to make a difference.   

Opportunities in 2023...

We work with global organizations to serve those in need; striving to offer our skills to contribute to the safety and well-being of others. 
Pre-K through college we have opportunities for you to invest your skills to invest in the education of others. 
We partner with an organization that strives for the effective use of sports ministry, for the purposes of sharing the Gospel and alleviating human suffering.
Inviting others into a lifestyle of praising the Lord Sunday morning and beyond. 
Social media, website, and Sunday service worship support are just a few of the places we need your creative skills. 
We believe everyone has something to contribute, and we can't fit all that on this page.  Contact us to we can explore how YOU can contribute. 

What can you expect during your internship?


Be discipled & disciple others. 

Professional Development

Grow professionally.


Be a part of & build the church community.

Opportunities to Serve

Discover & use your gifts
in the church..


Experience new cultures & better
understand your own culture.

Opportunities to Invest

Invest in the people of Croatia. by serving in the community.

Program Leadership

COASTLINE is proud to have program leaders who love and care deeply for the JOURNEY interns! 


"Serving is less about what you do and more about how you serve."


"Serving prepares you to lead.  Get ready" 


Is the internship paid?

No.  There are a variety of ways interns cover their costs.  

Will I have the opportunity to travel?

Yes!  Our hope is God will grow your understanding of His creativity and love for the people and cultures He created.  There are countless opportunities to explore Croatia and beyond both with the team and during your time off. 

Can I work remotely while interning?

Each internship is unique while all internships share the same purpose of lovingly investing in the church and community. Through this lens we evaluate each situation to determine what is best.

Can I get college credit for my internship?

In some cases some universities approve the internship program experience for college credit.  Example: Texas A&M University

Not ready to fill out the application but still have questions ?

We love to meet with you and explore what's next for you. Please  use the form below to reach out.

Serve with us!

Use your unique gifts to help build the Kingdom.